Values Morals And Ethics In Nursing Practice

Values Morals And Ethics In Nursing Practice-41
The nursing model is one of individual patient empowerment.Ethical nurses lead the way for health care reform which emphasizes healing even when curing is impossible. Ethical dilemmas which nurses face are vast in scope.

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There are not enough health care resources available in the world. Nurses have a role in ensuring that distribution is fair.

Patients with various cultural backgrounds and personal experiences may present with diverse opinions of what is ethical.

Nurses demonstrate beneficence by helping people reach their highest level of wellbeing. Nurses often do have to perform procedures which make patients’ feel uncomfortable. A patent needs medication to relieve a symptom, however, in order to relieve a symptom, the nurse may cause discomfort.

This may be achieved by providing care directly to an individual patient or developing health care policies which affect a large population. Nonmaleficence must be balanced by beneficence, while providing care.

Yet recent studies indicate that people are surviving, yet not living well.

Nurses have a role in implementing educational and clinical practices which address the issues that high tech care presents.

Ethical nursing care is based upon rational science and decision making.

There are four core concepts which are essential to a professional nursing practice.

As caregivers on the front lines of health care, nurses are faced with ethical dilemmas at growing rate.

Technology is enabling sick people to survive serious illnesses.


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