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My dissertation examines works by London mapmakers and publishers John Seller and Robert Morden, Daniel Defoe's contributions to (1728), and cartographical memoirs by Lewis Evans and John Green.

Albeit slave resistance has been considered a crucial issue, very much has been published using secondary sources, and giving priority to some relevant maroon communities and slave conspiracies and rebellions.

Books and articles embracing both violent and non-violent forms of slave resistance in Cuba are very few.

However, Genet’s subordinate, Consul Mangourit, met with considerable success in bringing self-interest to the service of the republican cause.

He used the interest of many southerners in western lands to tie his allies to the French cause.

While scholars have generally accepted the convention that most missionaries were white Europeans who knew little about the native peoples they were trying to convert, there were practical and theological explanations for why native preachers not only became ubiquitous, but often outnumbered their white counterparts in Protestant missions.

The language barrier, the opportunity to tap into extensive kinship networks, and early modern interpretations of black and Indian bodies all catalyzed the formation of an indigenous evangelical corps from Iroquoia to India.France and American republicanism diverged and the French lost the best opportunity they had to reclaim their empire in North America.The tension between republicanism and self-interest could be resolved, but republicanism could not be the only basis for relations, nor could it overcome the pull of national self-interest.Protestant missionaries also looked back to early Christian history to explain how “gospelization” might advance alongside their own rapidly expanding world.They believed that the gentiles – or unconverted nations – were central to their own conversion during the initial spread of Christianity and incorporated this model of early Christian evangelization into their own approach to missionary work among black slaves, Africans, and Native Americans.For over a century slave resistance has been a frequent topic of research for scholars from both sides of the Atlantic.In the Cuban case, some particular forms of resistance have monopolised the scholarly efforts in this field, among them marronage and slave revolts.It was through statesmen like Thomas Jefferson, the most scientific of America's presidents and whose writings I examine in my dissertation's final chapter, that nationalism and "natural rights" were extended to include territorial rights to the North American continent.This dissertation explores the hundreds of black and Native American preachers who worked as Christian missionaries in the early modern British Atlantic world.Examining archival materials such as maps and sea charts and forms such as the atlas, geographical compendium, and travel account, I argue that geopolitical necessity, rather than concerns with the improvement of navigation and practical seamanship, increasingly determined the aims and scope of geographical writing in the period my dissertation covers.In the second half of the eighteenth century, the production of accurate written and graphic descriptions of North America's geography, rather than geographical inventories of the terrestrial globe, became critical to the success of Britain and early America's imperial enterprise.


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