Visual Communication Assignment

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The term visual communication is one of the critical elements of the investigation of the development of language.

Visual communication is the interpretation of information in visual forms including “still and moving images but also body language” such as gestures and facial expressions (Chandler and Munday 526).

The prehistoric visual communications such as the body language, gestures, and images provided the opportunity to express the ideas and thoughts to assure the understanding and cooperation between people.

The role of such means of communication in the development of language is a significant issue allowing the researchers to determine the importance of the visual introduction of thoughts in the evolution of the verbal communication.

What Roles Do Prehistoric Visual Communications Play for the Development of Language?

The origin of language is one of the most controversial questions in modern history concerning the evolution of verbal communication.If the assignment makes you yawn, our writers can do this work for you!Just make an order and do more interesting things that make you happy!Please, don’t copy the text of this sample and submit it as a part of your paper. If you don’t want to lose your scores, use the sample in the right way.Every sample on our website was written by a professional writer and is presented here totally for free.In the following language research paper our writer has disclosed the role of prehistoric visual communications in language development.Prehistoric cave paintings can help us look into the thinking of a man who lived many years ago.Mirror neurons are significant for the understanding of the behavior and intentions of others allowing the humans to interpret the gestures and use them to convey some particular meanings.The cognitive functions of the humans depend on these neurons making them the critical element in the development of language abilities.The recent observation of the mirror neurons supports the idea of the importance of gesture in the development of language (Tallerman and Gibson 84).The imitation of the other’s actions and behavior provides the neurological evidence of the evolution of the language from the gestures.


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