Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Practice Tests

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You are presented with a short text containing a series of facts you should consider as true.

Below the text is a statement that may or may not be inferred from the text.

It might make sense that a workplace’s employees must be satisfied for it to be stable, but one does not have to make this assumption to make this statement.

Similar to the first section, deduction also tests your ability to formulate conclusions from given facts, however, it is done with a different format.

Remember, you can use common sense and world knowledge when deciding between 'Probably' and 'Insufficient Data'.

This section tests your ability to avoid taking for granted things that are not necessarily true and recognise that some concepts are taken for granted.

Thus, if there is any scenario is implausible the answer would then be ‘conclusion does not follow’. ): This section often involves syllogism and formal logic.

However, The Watson-Glaser test has rules of its own, and prior familiarity with formal knowledge tests may be at your expense.

Lastly, ‘cannot say’ means you simply don’t have enough information to make a decision.

Added difficulty: Watson-Glaser puts a twist on this popular question type by adding grey areas such as, ‘probably true’ and ‘probably false’.


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