When Analyzing An Assignment Pay Attention To

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Read the whole report for more data and examples of higher- and lower-rigor assignments.

And concurrent with this report, the Education Trust is putting out a tool that teachers can use to analyze their own assignments and where they may be falling short.

To those reasons I'd suggest a fourth: I wonder if teachers, who themselves were probably taught in procedural ways, also struggle with the cognitive demand of creating these harder assignments.

(I would have had a really tough time with assignment B, above.) This reminds me of a story I wrote way back in 2012, when several mathematicians told me that the first professional development teachers would need to execute the standards was simply to become more comfortable with math themselves.

x B: Create expressions that can be factored according to the following criteria.

Explain the process you used to create your expression. By and large, middle school math instruction looks a lot more like assignment A than assignment B, according to a new analysis released this morning by the Education Trust.

"What we ask kids to do—the assignments we give them—really matter, and we don't think we're paying enough attention to those," said Keith Dysarz, the group's director of P-12 practice.

"A lot of times we look at student work and think about what students did, but we think you have to spend equal time looking at what you are asking them to do." The new analysis looks at 1,850 different math assignments—everything from simple "exit tickets," which teachers use to gauge understanding of a lesson in the last few minutes of class—to homework and more extended projects.

required students to communicate their understanding using the language of math, and only 5 percent were structured so as to stimulate discussion with peers.

There are a few possible reasons for this, Dysarz said.


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