Why A Business Plan

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An ideal executive summary is no more than 1-3 pages.

An ideal business plan is 20-30 pages (and most investors prefer the lower end of this range).

You are in business to get paid for making pain go away.

Pain, in this setting, is synonymous with market opportunity.

With so many opportunities, most investors simply focus on finding reasons to say no.

They reason that entrepreneurs who know what they are doing will not make fundamental mistakes. This article shows you how to avoid the most common errors found in business plans.

The key risks of entrepreneurial ventures include: This is, of course, just a partial list of risks.

Even though you may feel that the risks are negligible, potential investors will feel otherwise unless you demonstrate that you have given a lot of thought to what can go wrong and have taken prudent steps to mitigate these risks. For example, suppose you sell something this month for 0, and it cost you to make it.

Your plan should flow in a nice, organized fashion. But you have to pay your suppliers within 30 days, while the buyer probably won’t pay you for at least 60 days.

Each section should build logically on the previous section, without requiring the reader to know something that is presented later in the plan. In this case, your revenue for the month was 0, your profit for the month was , and your cash flow for the month was zero.


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