Why Are Ethics Important In Psychological Research Essay

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Proponents argue that the research will help save lives, whereas opponents believe that it is immoral to do this type of research.This is based on the fact that stem cell research uses the blastocyst, which is an unimplanted embryo after it's been developing for six to eight days.

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Examples of Unethical Research If it were not for ethical standards during research, people could be harmed or subjected to experiments without their consent. The men were not told what the experiment was before they agreed to it; they were subjected to mustard gas and chemical attacks so the military could test gas masks, protective clothing and the effects of the chemicals according to race, with white soldiers being used as a control group.

Importance of Ethical Research Ethics is not limited to the treatment of human and animal subjects.

They're justifiably upset; the psychologist made them uncomfortably thirsty and kept them for far longer than she said.

The psychologist did not conduct her experiment with adequate ethical standards.This is a little longer than the psychologist said, but they're not too upset about it.The thirsty people, though, are forced to stay in a room without water for five hours before taking a twenty minute test.For scientific research to be called truly progressive and beneficial to humankind, it must be ethical and right.Any research that has dark motives, or aims to hurt the population in any shape or form, is unethical and should be disregarded by the public.But when her participants turn up, she divides them into thirsty and non-thirsty groups.The non-thirsty people are each given two glasses of water and made to wait in a room for an hour and then take a twenty minute test.Let's say a psychologist wanted to test whether people who are thirsty do more poorly on math tests than people who are well-hydrated.She puts out an ad for participants which says that she's conducting a study of math ability that will take an hour.Philip Zimbardo designed his to look into the causes of conflict between guards and prisoners.Zimbardo assigned some college students to play guards and others to play prisoners in a 'prison' set up in the basement of the Stanford Psychology Building.


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