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[email protected]: You said not much funding comes from venture capitalists or angel investors.How are entrepreneurs getting the money they need to execute their ideas?But you think the incubator isn’t having the desired effect that a lot of people are hoping for. Schramm: Again, empirically, very few companies come out of these incubators. I’m in the middle of writing an essay about incubators, and the premise is that as we turn towards 3% and 4% GDP, and much lower rates of unemployment and much higher demand for well-trained people, no one is going to want to spend time in an incubator. And that’s a really important part of the drama of becoming an entrepreneur.

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” Even grammar school children get courses and exposure to entrepreneurship.

At the university level, it’s now a major in probably 3,000 colleges and universities.

Schramm: One reason people can become entrepreneurs at midlife is they turn to their own savings, their own assets, to friends and families for loans.

By the time you’re 40, which is the average age at which people start businesses, you’ve settled your student debt. You’re likely to have a spouse who has a job, which is a huge protection if you start a new company because she or he has health insurance and other benefits. [email protected]: In the book, you also talk about the incubator.

Empirically, it appears as if you don’t need a business plan.

Second, the business planning process is largely generated as a preview for venture [email protected]: Would you say that passion and determination are two of the great qualities that a lot of entrepreneurs have? Students in college are told to follow your passion and start a company.But a lot of times, the passion doesn’t make any sense.Schramm: I don’t think [the current curriculum] can be tweaked. It’s in engineering or the STEM subjects, the technical subjects. At MIT, there’s one professor in the business program there who teaches entrepreneurship.Many, many more entrepreneurs come out of MIT because it’s an engineering and a technical school. But it doesn’t matter because if they didn’t teach it at all, these schools would be producing many, many new businesses all the time.They’re a different breed, and they’re really geniuses. That all happens because of people who are creative and gifted in business and the invention of things that help other people.The reality is that 95% of kids graduating from college this year are going to work in companies. And [taking] these things to market [requires] very, very creative skills.A finely crafted, tightly defined, highly detailed business plan seems like a perfectly rational tool for getting your entrepreneurial ideas off the ground. Schramm, an economist, Syracuse University professor and former president of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation — a non-profit that encourages entrepreneurship — says that crafting a business plan is one of the biggest misconceptions about how to start a company on the right footing.His new book, , says the true blueprint for success requires innovative ideas, real-world experience and keen judgment.But the reality is, the vast majority of people who start businesses are middle-career people who have been surprised by the fact that they actually had an idea, and their idea was good enough to build a business around.Another thing wrong with how we write about entrepreneurship, how it’s taught, is that somehow people set out to be entrepreneurs as if they set out to be a dentist or an accountant.


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