William Faulkner As I Lay Dying Essay

But for Darl, the process of being and identity will never reach to the completion.

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The Tension between Words and Thoughts Language and its limitation are another significant theme in the novel Faulkner is of the opinion that language is insufficient to express what we really feel and what we real meant to communicate.

So, his most characters find it a great difficulty in communicating and they cannot employ right words in their narration.

Verdaman's narrative shows his understanding on the death and his confusions about the transformation of his mother into an indefinable nonperson.

Death is also taken as a painful process in light of the harshness of life. Her dead hands are described as still unresting, as if they could not believe that their work was done.

She violently imposes herself onto others without opening herself to them.

Likewise, she hates her children, except Cash and her favorite, Jewel.

To intensify the theme of alienation, the author uses multiple narrators.

The use of multiple narrator means basically all are isolated from each other and none agrees with the other's viewpoint.

In this way, death is depicted as a powerful force.

The fuming reactions of other characters in the Bundren's journey up to Jefferson reveal the social beliefs on the death and the hidden worries over the fundamental truth of human life.


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