Writing A Journal Article From A Dissertation

Writing A Journal Article From A Dissertation-23
This support takes two main forms: developing a publication plan and manuscript revision.

The publication process can take a long time – it took me just under 12 months (this could be a lot longer depending on the journal) from first submission to early view publication so be prepared to update any statistics you may have included.

Make sure you critically engage fully with the relevant literature; again, you may need to review what has been published since you wrote your dissertation and include some new references.

Image Credit: Dean Terry, Flickr CC BY-ND-2.0 I studied for the MSc Social Research Methods in 2012.

My dissertation was a qualitative study of the impact of educational and vocational activities on homeless people’s everyday lives.

When I completed my MSc, my supervisor encouraged me to try and publish my dissertation.

Writing A Journal Article From A Dissertation

Thanks to her expertise and guidance, I began the rather daunting task of turning the dissertation into an academic paper (Iveson & Cornish, 2015).Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, doi: 10.1002/casp.2262.Precision Consulting works closely with academic researchers who are in the process of writing or designing a study with the aim of publishing their work in a peer-reviewed journal.This is a long and sometimes difficult process but it is also extremely worthwhile and I would also encourage masters students to consider publishing.I learned a lot whilst working on the article and I am now putting this knowledge to good use whilst I prepare my first Ph D publication. I had no experience in academic publishing and probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to take the dissertation any further without her support.Everything you include should be directly relevant to your argument so be prepared to be ruthless and trim or remove a lot of superfluous material whilst preserving the substance.This is not an easy task and I agonised over losing large chunks of my work that had taken me so long to write.I conducted semi-structured interviews and small scale participant observation at three homeless centres in London and I used thematic analysis to analyse my data.The findings highlight the importance of these activities in helping to restore homeless people’s self-efficacy, self-confidence and agency.Academic journals though often have a limited audience and I would be naïve to think that my article will have any immediate impact on homeless policy.However, getting published is important for other reasons; it is an indication of the quality of a piece of research and that the journal’s review board consider it will make a useful contribution to the literature.


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