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Still, by the end of Duelist Kingdom he placed Top 2, and in Battle City he came in fourth.But nevertheless, people never seemed to respect him until he’d already taken them out.

Joey incorporated Jinzo into his deck and it worked because it was a cool card, but it didn’t really have anything to do with his usual luck-based strategies, and other cards would’ve been completely useless by comparison.

After discovering the Egyptian version of Duel Monsters, Pegasus would go on to have his company Industrial Illusions recreate the game, giving it its current name and becoming the benefactor of most of its major tournaments.

In the Waking the Dragons arc, Yugi and his friends fight against Dartz and his forces, as the last king of Atlantis uses the power of Orichalchos to try and capture the soul of the Pharaoh within Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle.

The Seal of Orichalchos is used for this job and it granted some absurd abilities like increasing the attack of all monsters a player controlled by 500 and allowing a player to control monsters in their back row, at the cost of their soul being lost if they lost the duel.

One of the rules of Battle City was that every duel required a duelist to wager their best and most important card.

The idea behind this was wagering that card would not only cause the duelist to fight their hardest, but it would mean every duel was harder than the last, as players would incorporate cards they won in prior duels to make their own decks stronger and the next duel more challenging. Even during that simplified era, every deck has specific strategies they work within.

This is more of a complaint with the dub than with the anime itself.

Bandit Keith gets a shot at Pegasus near the end of the Duelist Kingdom arc, but he loses due to a mix of Pegasus’ Millennium Eye powers and Keith not actually being the main character.

In Mai’s case, she wasn’t exactly cheating, but she was psyching her opponent out by guessing what card she’d draw before she drew it. Aside from the grossness of dousing unsleeved cards in perfume, this meant she had to tell 40 different scents apart from one another. Joey Wheeler was the most compelling duelist to watch from arc to arc.

Yugi was placed in so many life or death Shadow Games that he pretty much had to win or the show was over, plus he had Yami and the Millennium Puzzle on his side.


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